Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Linder Farms

Last Friday night, after stuffing ourselves with Mexican food, we headed to Linder Farms with my parents. While we were there, we rode the hayride and went through the corn maze before we were all too cold and couldn't stand it any longer. Everett thought the tractors were pretty cool, but wasn't as into the corn maze. The sun went down once we were in the maze, and I don't think Everett appreciated the fact that he couldn't see. He kept tripping over cornstalks and then started complaining about the cold. And I was a bad mom and forgot his coat and gloves (#momfail). We probably should have gone a little earlier in the evening, but we got the festive corn maze experience we wanted and crossed this one off the list for the year. Until next year!

^^This is about as much fun as you can have on a tractor pulled hayride, I think. Haha! That's what my face looks like 90% of the time, I'm pretty sure.

^^Future farmer. 

^^Corny selfie. 

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