Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Boo at the Zoo

Boise's zoo puts on Boo at the Zoo every year for Halloween. This year we decided to brave the crowds and took Everett to the zoo for some trick-or-treating and animal watching. We met up with my parents and had a fun morning chasing our little lion cub around.

^^Watching the penguins with Daddy.

^^Lion cubs love shoulder rides.

^^Watching the giraffes.

^^This goat was going nuts rubbing his head on the fence.

^^Everett didn't want to help feed the farm animals this time. I don't blame him, those guys are pretty aggressive once you have their food in your hands.

^^We saw a few other kids dressed up as lions, but this was definitely the cutest little lion cub. And I forget which animal's ears those are supposed to be.

^^Glamour shots at the zoo! I couldn't resist those colors!

^^Don't be surprised if we send this out in a Christmas card. Not a joke.

I think Everett is at the perfect age to enjoy the zoo. The first time we went several months ago he mostly just liked walking around. But this time he was totally into all the animals. He's been talking about it ever since, too. He especially liked the giraffes, snakes, and watching the monkeys that were eating strawberries. We sure love our little monkey!

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