Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Liberty Parade

We were feeling extra patriotic and festive this year and decided to take Everett to the We the People Liberty Parade in downtown Boise the morning of July 4th. My parents were nice enough to reserve us a spot on the street next to them and we enjoyed the parade together. Everett practiced his flag waving on the car ride there, so he was more than ready when the parade started. I loved watching his reactions as each group marched on by. His favorites were probably the bagpipes, all the cars and trucks, and SPIDER-MAN. I took way too many pictures, which shouldn't surprise you. :)

^^Walking to the parade. Everett's face cracks me up.

^^My dad should take all of our family pictures... Everett will actually look at him!

^^Everett loves Nana & Papa!

^^Had to take a picture in our twinning shirts. Special shout out to that large pimple on my forehead. My skin hates me.

^^I'm pretty sure they've had the same banners since I was a kid.

^^We were trying to get Everett to put his hand over his heart when the flag went by and instead he folded his arms like we were going to say a prayer. I about died it was so cute. It's too bad I didn't get a picture!

^^We thought of Tyler's sister, Heather (a longtime Delta employee), when this group went by. We love you, Heather! :)

^^This kid was so cute. And also a little lonely looking. I can't even remember who he was marching with.

^^Love me some bagpipes! They were playing Yankee Doodle.

^^All American.

^^Apparently there are Avengers in Boise!

^^His obsession with Spider-Man is strong. He kept pointing at him and I think would have followed that guy anywhere.

^^Had to take this one for Emorie. :)

^^That face!!!

The rest of our Independence Day was spent relaxing and eating a bunch of food with our family, exactly what our founding fathers would have wanted! We debated taking Everett to watch fireworks but decided to put him to bed at a decent hour instead. We're the biggest party poopers. 

Hope you all had a happy and safe Independence Day!

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