Monday, October 17, 2016

A 10 Month Old!

Now that Everett is almost 11 months old (WHAT), here is a 10 month update. Remember when I said taking these pictures is like impossible now? Yeah, I only got two good ones this time. And he's pulling a face in both of them. Oof. 

^^So concerned?

^^He was sticking his tongue out all day that day, so here he is- about to do that.

Everett at 10 months:
+Doesn't sleep for more than 9 consecutive hours. He is getting better at falling asleep on his own though.
+Still loves nursing and at this point probably will never stop. Ha! As much as I've struggled with it, I cherish the time we have together now. It's pretty much the only time he'll stay still and let me hold him close. 
+Loves eating in general, but we're definitely stuck on baby food. He's tried lots of table food, but ends up tossing most of it to the floor. What do people without dogs do? 50% of his diet right now is probably those puff things. He eats those by the handful. He loves feeding himself though, so hopefully he'll start enjoying more food soon.
+Climbs the stairs any chance he gets and can make it all the way to the top. Also successfully pulls the baby gate down, so I don't even bother to put it up anymore. Now he needs to learn how to safely come down the stairs.
+Loves music and has a favorite song. It's a weird one, but it cheers him up every time he hears it.
+Crawls around on all fours, but reverts back to army crawling when he wants to be speedy.
+Loves swinging at the park and going down the slide.
+Can pull himself up to standing.
+Gets into anything and everyyyyyything.
+Doing better with other people- loves playing with his grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Definitely has favorites!

It's crazy how much Everett has changed in the past month! His little personality is so funny and we just love this cute boy. 

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