Friday, August 5, 2016

8 Months Old

Everett is 8 months old! I feel like I just wrote up his 7 month update and here we are a month later already. Not cool. July flew by and Everett has changed so much! I managed to get a few good pictures of him, which was next to impossible. Getting this boy to sit still is basically a wrestling match. He wanted the camera so bad he lunged right into it and bonked his head. I'm such a good mom and kept taking his picture anyway. 

^^Happy camper.

^^Look at those toothies!

^^Always with that face.

And one out of focus that I just can't help posting:

^^Gimme that camera, mom!

Everett at 8 months:
+ Weighs 20 lbs 3 ounces. {We have some clothes shopping to do because he is getting to big for everything! Where do you guys buy (cute) cheap baby clothes?! Tell me!}
+ Has 2 bottom teeth, as you can see! Teething is a doozy with this one. He hasn't slept well at night for 3 weeks straight and has been quite the cranky pants. Luckily, he hasn't bitten me at all!
+ Crawls! I was sooooo not ready for this one. He's trying to get into everything! His new favorite things to try to play with are Bo's food bowls, the broom, our doormat, and the bathroom garbage. Gahhhhh! I feel like I tell him "no-no" like 100 times a day. Good thing he's still so cute.
+ Loves banging things together.
+ Has mastered the fake cry and makes the funniest scrunched up face while he does it. Nice try, dude.
+ Tries to crawl into my lap if I sit next to him while he's playing with his toys. Which melts my heart... most of the time. Today he did that with a book and I about died. I'll sit and read with you all day, little mister. 
+Loves scratching stuff. His favorite book is That's Not My Cow and is one of those touch-and-feel books. He loves scratching the cover that has a cow with a rough nose and pulling the fur on the last page with the cow's fluffy tail. He scratches everything though, which makes me cringe. He'll scratch the wall while I change his diaper, scratch his toys, the floor, my face. EVERYTHING. Ha ha!
+Screams and squeals and grunts so much. 

Being a parent is the most challenging and heart-exploding thing I've ever done. At times I feel like I'm doing everything wrong, but then I see how happy and healthy he is and I'm like maybe I'm not THAT terrible. And then he face plants into Bo's water bowl while I'm not looking and I start to question myself all over again. Everett is still the best baby though and we really feel so lucky to have him. We love you, little mister!