Saturday, November 29, 2014

The last bits of Germany

Well, good news you guys, this will be my last post about our trip to Europe. I know you're all secretly happy I'll finally shut up about it. Then I can get back to blogging about real life stuff we've been up to like binge watching Gilmore Girls and prematurely decorating for Christmas. I know that's the stuff you all want to hear about anyway. So, here it is. The last little bits of our trip to Germany that I didn't include in my other posts.

The Sunday we were in Bonn, we decided we'd drive to Tyler's hometown to visit his old ward and hopefully see some of his friends. We ended up missing sacrament meeting, because they had it at a different time than what the ward website said. But we lucked out and ended up running into one of Tyler's old friends- Thomas Rimmel. He introduced us to his wife, Miriam, and after chatting for a while, they invited us to their family dinner that afternoon. It was fun meeting the entire Rimmel family. Brother and Sister Rimmel gave Tyler a hard time for us not staying with them and insisted we make up for it next time. The family dinner we crashed was actually a birthday party for Jana, Andreas' wife. It was fun listening to stories about Tyler I'd never heard before and the food Kristina made us was delicious. After dinner, we drove around Bedburg-Rath where Tyler grew up and visited with his friend Jenny (who I failed to take a picture with, dang it).

^^View from the car on the drive to Bedburg-Rath.

^^We creepily pulled up to the old Hodgkin house. 

^^Bedburg castle

^^A Rimmel sandwich. On the left: Thomas and Miriam. On the right: Andreas and Jana. This picture was taken after everyone finished drooling over our rental car. Ha!

^^In front of his old school!

I'm really glad we took time to go to Tyler's hometown. It was a treat seeing where Tyler grew up and extra special hanging out with some of his old friends. I hope we get to see them again, sooner rather than later (come visit us)! The Rimmels were hilarious and so much fun and Jenny was so sweet, I can totally understand why Tyler gets homesick for Germany on occasion (not to mention how awesome Germany is). 

Other random things from Germany I have to tell you about:

^^Both of the hotels we stayed in in Germany had beds like this. They were essentially two twin mattresses pushed together. I thought it was pretty weird until I realized there was no way Tyler would be sneaking onto my side of the bed in the middle of the night because that crack would be way too uncomfortable. I mean, I like sleeping next to him, but I also like my space when I'm sleeping. You know? Anyway, good work, Germans. You win at beds, too.

^^I saw this in a bathroom stall in Schönau. I was so weirded out/intrigued that I had to take a picture of it. What does this even mean?

^^Our first night in Bad Reichenhall I had this dessert and holy hannah, it was so good. It was basically cream puffs with melty ice cream/whipped cream on top. Best dessert of the trip, hands down.

I know I've already said it like 100 times, but Germany was my favorite. Ever since we came home, we can't stop talking about it. At least once a week we talk about going back/moving there. I'd do it in a heartbeat. I absolutely loved it. Until next time, Deutschland! Hopefully it won't be long.

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