Sunday, November 9, 2014

Germany Part 2: Heidelberg

As I mentioned in my previous post, we took a break from exploring Köln to go to Heidelberg. It was about a two and half hour drive from our hotel in Bonn, but it was well worth it. The drive was crazy beautiful, despite it raining most of the time. I mean how can you hate driving in a car for that long when you have this view:

^^So green. So many trees everywhere.

I'm pretty sure Tyler was tired of me saying how green Germany is by the end of our trip. But seriously, Germany should consider changing their name to Magical Forest Land. Just a suggestion. Anyway, by the time we got to Heidelberg, we were quite hungry. Our first priority was finding a restaurant. And we found another gem, Schnitzelbank:

^^It was a teeny restaurant and I'm glad we got there early, because we probably wouldn't have gotten a table any later in the evening. There was only one person serving and he was super friendly. Also, the kitchen was upstairs, so the food was sent down in a dumbwaiter. I don't know what the signal was when food was in there, but all of a sudden food would appear. And the food was ridiculous. That was schnitzel #2 for each of us, if you're keeping track. 

With full bellies, we were ready to explore Heidelberg. That place is so charming and picturesque, I almost couldn't handle it. And I took a ridiculous amount of pictures to prove it! This is not even half of the pictures I took, so I did exercise some self restraint when putting together this post, in case you wanted to know.

^^Hi, can I live here?

^^The main attraction in Heidelberg is the castle, so of course we had to see it for ourselves.

The castle is mostly ruins now, but still beautiful as ever. And the views from the castle can't be beat. As we walked the grounds, I kept trying to picture the people in that time period and the hustle and bustle that would have been going on. I also kept thinking of the movie Ever After, for obvious reasons. It needs some fixing up (and indoor plumbing), but I totally wouldn't have minded living there.

^^The walk up to the castle...

^^Cute husband

^^No idea what this little room was for

^^The grass is so green it looks fake, does it not?

^^All the trees!!


^^Looks photoshopped

Heidelberg was unreal. We got lucky that the rain cleared up just as we got there. It was perfect. It's probably a good thing we didn't go in the fall, because I probably would have been having seizures from all the trees and fall colors and what not. 

I was definitely sad to leave Heidelberg and I'd definitely go back! The whole place belongs on a postcard. Still can't get over it. This is the place that won me over. You win, Germany. You win at all the things!