Thursday, August 8, 2013

Fifty Things

Tyler and Caleb are watching Star Trek right now, and I can't think of anything better to do, soooooo here are fifty things about us! Enjoy?

1. We've been to Cafe Rio an embarrassing number of times. We just never get sick of it! 
2. He still plays Pokemon.
3. She hates carrots unless they are cooked/grilled beyond recognition. 
4. He refuses to eat onions.
5. He has a love for movie soundtracks.
6. She has the worst memory, like ever.
7. She snores at night more than he does. And drools. Attractive, no? Oh, don't forget twitching when she falls asleep.
8. He held her hand first. And it was during Lord of the Rings.
9. She is addicted to chocolate. And Dr. Pepper. And possibly ice cream, too.
10. He craves Big Macs.
11. We have watched every episode of Parks and Rec. It's probably our favorite show.
12. He can read her mind. Not kidding.
13. She gets real moody when she's hungry.
14. She has beaten him in tennis only once.
15. We quote comedians and movies and TV shows a lot. We're not sorry.
16. We love talking about our future together.
17. He wants to be a lawyer.
18. We want to have at least 3 kids.
19. We both want to have a boy first.
20. She loves dogs. 
21. He is really good at lip-syncing.
22. We like to blast music in our car.
23. She is a little bit obsessive compulsive about some things. 
24. She would move to another country in a heartbeat.
25. We both agree no movies will ever equal the majesty that is the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Sorry.
26. When she is gone, he is known to eat toast a lot. Or not eat at all.
27. She can't get into video games, unless it's Just Dance.
28. She has only kissed one person, and she's married to him. She likes kissing him a whole lot.
29. We think our dog is the cutest ever.
30. He used to own a pair of denim man capris.
31. She can pick things up with her feet/toes.
32. She is afraid of spiders.
33. We hate getting up before 7 in the morning. It's the wooooorst. 
34. She is really bad at telling jokes.
35. He is very articulate.
36. We love Nutella.
37. He is a very heavy sleeper.
38. He is fluent in three languages.
39. He makes her laugh everyday.
40. He wishes he could be an undercover cop so he could pull unsuspecting crazy drivers over.
41. She said "I love you" first.
42. She thinks it's hot when he sings in other languages.
43. We want to travel the world together.
44. He knows magic tricks.
45. We are most impatient when we're sitting in traffic.
46. We can't wait to have babies.
47. She would love to quit her job.
48. She has red in her hair and secretly hopes for a ginger baby.
49. His favorite pizza is from Papa Murphy's. Hers is from Smoky Mountain.
50. Bo sneaks into our bed every night.

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Tamra said...

You're some cool kids.