Monday, July 8, 2013

July 4th!

We had an excellent holiday celebrating our nation's birthday! Actually I probably shouldn't speak for Tyler since he pretty much did homework all day. So much for freedom, eh? Anyway, what I should say is I really enjoyed the 4th of July. That morning I enjoyed a hike up Tablerock with my parents, Jenica, and all the dogs. There were plenty of other people hiking that morning, but no singing families like last year, dang it. We did, however, see a majestic falcon flying overhead for a good majority of the hike. I think it was waiting for the perfect moment to snatch up Pippin for breakfast. Ha! My mom didn't appreciate us joking about that. After our hike, I made Tyler and I a big American breakfast of eggs, bacon and toast! Later that afternoon we enjoyed a barbecue at my parents' house and pigged out some more. Tyler did more homework over there and I had fun watching comedians on YouTube and then some new episodes of Arrested Development with Jenica. My dad and I were the only ones who ended up going to the firework show that night. Everyone else was either doing homework (Tyler) or going to bed (lame). My dad and I still had fun though, we found the perfect spot above the park where they light off the fireworks and played cards until it was too dark to see. The firework show didn't disappoint either.

Basically, it was a good day spent with family doing whatever we pleased. I sure do love this country we get to call home. All of the freedoms we enjoy are just icing on the cake. Happy [late] birthday to the USA!

^^Tyler was just mad that he had so much homework to do.

^^My papa, lookin' so fly in his red, white and blue.

^^Those ones are my favorite- the ones that make that fizzing sound.

^^Sooooo majestic!!

Also, Bo really loves fireworks. Not.

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Emorie Kidder said...

Is it sad that when I read "eggs, bacon, and toast!" I sang it? You know, the Gergich way?