Friday, June 7, 2013

Saturday will make it all ok

We're loving the homework free weekends over here. Tyler starts a couple online classes on Monday so we've been jam packing our weekends with loads of good times lately. It just about makes up for all the junk that happens Monday through Friday. By junk I mean our awesome jobs and all the fun we have at work each day. 

Last Saturday we took ourselves back to Jump Creek Canyon for some more exploring. We've been wanting to find the trail that leads right over the waterfall since we first went here together. We thought we'd finally found it last week and we might have, too, but we decided to turn back when things started looking a little sketchy. We didn't feel like falling to our certain deaths that day. Also, it was getting boiling lava hot with no shade around, so we hiked back down to the creek to cool off before heading home.

^^Poor tortured Bo.

^^Does anyone else see the creepy hippo/dragon looking thing? No, just me? Okay.

^^We were so close! Someone tell us how to get down there?!

^^Those rocks make some pretty good shade.

^^I have really good posture.

Last Saturday also included: a long nap for moi, a little Fifa for Tyler, and a date! We saw this movie. Here's hoping this weekend is just as fun. I'm trying not to be mad about the fact that my parents went to New York and didn't even ask if I wanted to come. Rude. :)

Happy Friday! We made it!

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