Thursday, March 7, 2013

It's your birthday. Man up!

Tyler turned 24 on March 2nd! We mostly just lounged around and ate a bunch of food all weekend. Tyler wasn't even mad about it. He doesn't need parties or any of that nonsense, because he's a man dang it!

^^ Tyler's sweet birthday card. Best WinCo find ever.

For Tyler's birthday, he wanted nothing more than to hang out with his family and eat schnitzel and cheesecake. Oh, and he wanted a couple Wii U games that aren't even out yet. Which meant I didn't have to go shopping! I happily fulfilled his other birthday wishes though. What a good wife I am. We invited ourselves and Caleb over to Gregg and Jamie's house so I could make dinner for everyone. And let me tell you, making dinner for 10 people ain't easy. Dinner probably wouldn't have been ready until 10 PM were it not for Jamie's help! But it was worth all the work and the burn I got on my arm pulling cheesecakes out of the oven earlier in the day... mostly because the food was so delicious, if I may say so. We had ourselves a good time eating and Tyler played his Wii U to his heart's content. 

^^ My two favorite bald guys enjoying their schnitzel.

^^ In case you wanted to see Tyler blow out his candles (click the image to make it go slower).

^^ Nice job photobombing Gregg. Too bad I didn't get your whole face in there.

Sunday night, we celebrated with my mom and Aaron. We ate a bunch of chips and salsa, guacamole, and enchiladas, in true fiesta fashion. Tyler even got to blow out some more candles and eat more cake! Winner!

^^ Sitting at the island in my parents' kitchen.

Sorry Tyler, but next year you're getting a proper party. 25 is kind of a big deal... Party planning committee, assemble! 

P.S. I'm so glad you were born.