Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bo's Birthday

Yes, we are those people that give their dog a birthday party- complete with beef jerky, a doggie birthday cake, party hats, new toys, and doggie friends, of course.

Doggie cake - peanut butter, flour, honey, and carrots, with cottage cheese "frosting".

I think Bo thought we were shaming him with that hat, poor thing.

Cake? For us? Really?

Bo and Scout wouldn't eat at the table. Pippin was the only one who jumped up and just went for it, because he has no manners.

And he wouldn't let go of his cake either.

Bo slowly savored his piece.

Happy Birthday to our cute doggie! You make our little family so much cooler, not to mention wayyy cuter. And special thanks to my Mom and Emorie for throwing such a good party. I think the dogs enjoy being the center of attention. And they were just beside themselves when we watched them eat, instead of vice versa. You won't see me begging for dog food though.