Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pup update

Hey guys, it's me again- your new favorite friend, Bo!

Brianna just wanted me to update you all on how the last few weeks have been going for me. I think she really just wants an excuse to post pictures of me, but I'm more than happy to share my side of the story! A couple weeks ago Brianna and Tyler thought it'd be nice to give me some freedom and leave me out of my kennel while they were gone. It lasted a few days, but I guess I failed that test because I'm back in my kennel. All I did was chew on one of Tyler's textbooks, attempt to eat his flip flop, and pee on their comforter three times in one week. In my defense I only have accidents when I think I'm in trouble or scared. Oh, and all that stuff was left out for me, so it was fair game, right? Right? Anyway, I don't mind being in my kennel so much, because I get to nap all day and Brianna comes home at lunch to let me stretch my legs. And I don't even cry anymore when they leave. I've come to the conclusion that I can trust these people not to abandon me. So other than those few lapses in judgement I've had, I've pretty much been on my best behavior. Brianna and Tyler seem to be trying to fatten me up or something, because they keep offering me food. My new favorite snack is probably cheese. I really like going to play with my friends, Pippin and Scout. Last Saturday I got to go hiking with them and that was probably the best time I've ever had. Let's do that again soon, guys.

Well, that's all for now. I've got a bone to chew. Priorities, people.

Until next time,
Bo (the good dog)