Monday, July 2, 2012

Weekend Roundup and a Forecast

Roundup of our weekend:

Friday night Tyler took me to see Moonrise Kingdom. It was fantastic. Afterwards, I got a free cup of USwirl and we vegged and watched TV with Caleb.

Saturday morning I woke up at 6 so I could go for a run before I had to help setup for a baby "sprinkle" (not a shower). I drove over to Camel's Back Park and went running on some trails behind the big hill. It was so quiet, with just a few runners and mountain bikers and cyclists gathering in the parking lot. There was still dew on the grass which got my shoes wet, but I didn't mind. It wasn't even 60 degrees out, but as I ran, I worked up a nice sweat. I greeted an older gentleman and his hyper poodle on the trail and turned the volume on my iPod down so I could listen to the birds chirping. At the close of my run, I ran up the big hill and startled a couple enjoying the sunrise and some coffee. We exchanged glances and they went on chatting and I ran back down the hill to my car and drove home with the windows rolled down, taking in some more crisp morning air. The things you miss sleeping in. :) I may have to make this an early morning weekend ritual. Sacrificing the extra sleep was definitely worth it!

The baby sprinkle went over great. Denise was 'sprinkled' with gifts and we got sprinkled donuts and other yummies my sister, my mom and I put together. We played a fun Name That Baby game that Emorie made up. Meanwhile, Tyler got to sleep in at home, and my dad hid out in the garage and changed our breaks (thanks Dad).

We spent the rest of Saturday napping (well I did), eating at a local drive in with my parents and brothers, and watching Lord of the Rings.

Sunday we went to church and enjoyed fast and testimony meeting and I got to know some more of the young women in our ward and even got to play the piano. Tyler invited our friends, Emily and Allen, over afterwards to play games and we spent the afternoon with them playing cards and Sequence and snacking on Wheat Thins and freshly baked cookies. I made homemade pizza for dinner and Caleb came over to help us eat. We took Caleb on a walk after dinner and watched people rope swing into the pond.

I love the weekends. Have I said that before? This one went too quickly. But since I have spare time to type this up at work, I can't really complain. More photos to come from our weekend once I get them on the laptop.

And a forecast of our week:
-Laundry night tonight.
-Ward breakfast on Wednesday morning.
-Fourth of July festivities with family.
-Tyler taking his final on Thursday night and us getting out of town shortly afterward.

Above photo taken on my run Saturday morning with my cell phone.