Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bits and Pieces

Is it really May already? Where on Earth did the time go? The year's almost half over, and I didn't even blink! I wish I had lots of new and exciting things to report but there's honestly not much happening in our neck of the woods. Tyler's just trying to wrap up this semester and I'm just trying to avoid being bored out of my mind most days. It's the best when Tyler's finished with work and school for the day and we can just unwind. I can't wait for Tyler to have a little break from school soon. For now though, we'll take the time we're given.

Random snippets from our life lately:

We went to court last week. Don't worry, we weren't on trial or anything, just observing for a class of Tyler's (I tagged along). It wasn't as exciting or dramatic as Law and Order or Judge Judy, but it was educational. Kudos to Tyler for actually keeping up with all the law jargon.

I already said it, but Tyler's almost finished with this semester. We'll have a short little break until summer school. Bleh.

We've been watching TV since we got our antenna more often than I care to admit.

With all the sunshine we've been having lately, my freckles are out in all their glory. Making me look even more like a fifteen-year-old girl. Perfect.

Someone please buy me these shoes? I need them?

We've been going on lots of walks, enjoying all the lush green landscapes surrounding us. A couple weeks ago we spotted a couple deer and got harassed by some geese, all in the same park!

I've been experimenting in the kitchen this week- I baked french bread and made my own veggie burger patties. Add to my wish list: a Kitchen Aide stand mixer and a bread machine.

This past weekend we enjoyed the farmer's market with the Swidan family. Bekir was trying to tell us we were in a city in the rain forest. That kid. Salwan kept offering to buy us things but we were stuffed from eating waffles and strawberries beforehand. So we just enjoyed the sunshine with our new friends while we sipped lemonade and bought some salsa from a cute freckled kid, with a toothy grin. I couldn't help myself, obviously. The market is like one of my top ten favorite things to attend every spring/summer. It never gets old. People watching and delicious goodies? Count me in.

I dream of planting/growing my own tomatoes, but our little square of patio doesn't get enough sun I think. And I worry that all the little critters that live in the lush gardens near our apartment would get to the plant before I do.

We were devastated when Mark and Bopper were eliminated from The Amazing Race. We'll still be watching the finale this week though. Please don't let the sparkly green girl win. Would you shave your head for a 25% chance at winning a million bucks? I would.

I went to the library last week with nothing in mind to check out and ended up mostly wandering around aimlessly. I need some good book recommendations. Anyone? Anyone?