Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend

When I was growing up, the house we lived in had a lilac bush in the yard and almost every year by Easter time, that thing would be in full bloom. Since my mom is a big lilac fan, every Easter she would always take our pictures in our Sunday best, standing in front of the lilac bush. So as you can imagine, we have a nice collection of poofy bang-ed, matching dresses/coordinating outfits, in front of the lilacs pictures. The year the lilac bush wasn't in full bloom (a great tragedy), she hauled us all down to Katherine Albertson Park and took our pictures amid the Spring blossoms and baby geese. That year, I was a very awkward junior high pubescent teenager, which resulted in some not-so-attractive pictures. Yikes. Tyler shall never see those... I hope.

This year, I failed my mother, and didn't take a picture of ourselves in our Sunday best. I blame not having a lilac bush conveniently nearby. But my brother Aaron happily took our picture in front of my parents' fireplace and my mom's cute "Hoppy Easter" sign. It'll have to do.

One day when we have children, I fully plan on making the obligatory Easter-in-our-Sunday-best picture a tradition, lilac bush or not.

{photo effects using Google Chrome's pixlr-o-matic}

This Easter weekend we didn't hunt for eggs, eat jellybeans, or anything alike. We did see a silly movie about Salmon fishing in the Yemen (which we don't recommend) and played the Kinect with Logan. We enjoyed the nice weather with some tennis and frisbee in the park. We attended church and admired the pretty blossoms blooming outside our chapel. We stuffed our faces with donuts, Cafe Rio, and a nice quiet Sunday dinner with my parents and Aaron. We watched the Amazing Race and chatted with Gregg, Jamie, and Caleb (our typical Sunday night activities). We're happy my dad is back in town and that the weather is getting warmer.

We hope you had a fun weekend with your families!