Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Life Lately

Maybe one day when I have an iPhone I'll be able to give you guys one of those 'life lately according to my iPhone pictures' blog posts. Until then, y'all (yes, I just said y'all) will have to keep reading and I'll keep letting my fingers do the talkin. Thanks for reading, by the way!

This is what life has been like for us the past couple weeks...

>>Tyler had his first exams in his Law and PreCalculus classes. Our apartment is pretty much a study hall five days a week.
>>We had fun being each other's Valentines. I gave Tyler these "I love you because..." notes each day leading up to Valentine's with a different reason why I love him every day. He told me he missed them the day after, so maybe I'll have to sneak them in more often. We also had a lunch date and I got a nice back rub. Cha ching!
>>I've been running around doing job interviews. That black skirt I bought for Hymns of Thanksgiving is my new BFF.
>>I've also been getting turned down from said interviewers. Lame.
>>I had my first experience at the LDS cannery- canning beef chunks. Just about as disgusting as it sounds. I had to leave early from potentially embarrassing myself and contaminating the meat with my vomit. I don't recommend going to the cannery in the winter if you have a weak stomach. Just sayin.
>>Tyler's parents were here!! I was too focused on having fun with them to take any real pictures worth posting, so sorry. While they were here, we ate lots of yummy food including some Hungarian goulash and German frikadelle. Both equally delicious. We also got spoiled with lots of German candies and chocolates which are just about gone now. Tyler's parents took us bowling on Thursday and I beat Greggi and Tyler in our first game, coming in second only to Tyler's dad. Heh heh. The rest of our time with them we played games, colored pictures, had lots of storytelling, and I got to know Tyler's parents a whole lot better. I wanted them to just stay forever once Saturday night came and we had to say goodbye. We can't wait for October to be here so we can see them again.
>>While we thought Tyler had caught the cold that the majority of Gregg and Jamie's household had, it turns out he actually has a sinus infection. Poor guy. He went to the doctor and got some drugs yesterday, so he should be making a turn for the better soon. Today was his first day back at work since Thursday and he came home and passed out on the couch. I just want my normal, energetic husband back. Please.
>>Pinterest has introduced a few new delicious recipes into my arsenal of go-to meals and treats. Thanks internet.

Well, that's all I have for now. Stay tuned.

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