Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Life in 2012

Some important updates:
-I became frenemys with my sewing machine. Yes, we currently have a love-hate relationship. I did successfully make some new pillows for our couch. Krista told me how to make them here. And you can follow her tutorial on how to make a bow here (that girl can make just about anything!). Based on how frustrated I get while sewing, I probably will never make it to her level. Word to the wise: when using T-shirts to make pillows, ask your husband BEFORE you start cutting up one of his shirts if you can use it. He won't be impressed when he comes home to find his old green shirt cut into pieces with some bows sewn to what's left of it. Because apparently clothes have sentimental value attached to them for guys too. Whaaaat? Sorry Tyler. My way of consoling him? "Yes, I cut up your shirt, but now it's immortalized in a pillow." Am I right?
-In week two of 2012, I got laid off from work. Surprisingly, not as upsetting as I thought it would be. While being unemployed is not the way I wanted to start my year out, I'm even more optimistic about what the year has in store for me. I really have been wanting a new job, and now I have the perfect excuse to stop whining and find one! Yay me.
-Tyler starts school next week! Now we/I really won't have a life. Just kidding (sort of).
-I'm having a rough time staying strong with my new year's resolutions. Luckily, I was reading the Ensign and found this quote which I think will really help:
‎"As we reflect on the value of resolving to do better, let us determine to discipline ourselves to carefully select the resolutions we make, to consider the purpose for making them, and finally to make commitments for keeping them and not letting any obstacle stop us. Let us remind ourselves at the beginning of each day that we can keep a resolution just for that day." -President N. Eldon Tanner
Because keeping a resolution just for a day isn't as daunting as a whole year. One day at a time, people.

What a crazy couple of weeks it's been. What else you got 2012? Bring it.

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