Monday, December 19, 2011

You might need a glass of milk for this post.

This post is also about food. Heidi, we really are verfressen.

We spent our Saturday afternoon trashing my parents' kitchen making white chocolate popcorn and baking Christmas cookies for my nursery kids.

When a recipe says it will make two dozen cookies, I usually expect to get like 18. Well this time, I think we seriously had like 50? And guess how many nursery kids I have. Try 8. But I'm not complaining, because they were delicious! And we had more to share. I'm just glad my parents were around to help decorate them all.

And of course, I can't forget to thank Tyler for showing me the correct technique for rolling out cookie dough. What a babe...

{His Mamma taught him well}

{My dad just went to town on these!}

{Legitimately like only 1/4 of all the cookies...}

We had way too much fun with this. Watching my nursery kids devour them was equally as fun (and messy). I definitely want to keep this around as a tradition for Tyler and I. Thanks Mom and Dad, for letting us trash your kitchen.


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