Monday, October 24, 2011

Marriage is what brings us together today!

Over the weekend, my aunt Denise got married! We got to play caterers with my mom, so it was fun seeing everything come together on Saturday, despite running around like crazy people all morning. And of course, weddings are always fun. As an added bonus, we got to hang out with my cute cousins, Chloe and Annabelle, before the wedding while their parents went to the BSU game.

Denise and Sean had their ceremony outside in Star beneath some pretty trees. All the guests sat on hay bails, the dinner and reception were in a barn! Pretty stinkin' cute, you guys. Well done, Denise! And congratulations!

Tyler and I also enjoyed busting out some dance moves. I am not as coordinated as Tyler, so I think I'll have to practice before we can go pro or anything.

I'm not a wedding photographer or anything, but I got a few pictures for the blog... duh.

 {Will & Emorie}

 {Chloe-infamous photo bomber}

{my cute hubs}

{Gramps walking Denise down the aisle}

{Belle, Chloe, & I with boots to match}

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