Sunday, May 29, 2011

Updates Updates Updates

-We had the missionaries over for dinner Wednesday. I made these taquitos and some peach crisp for dessert. Tyler did a good job entertaining the elders. Slash, it was the perfect excuse for him to whip out some of his mission stories.
-Apparently the missionaries liked us because they invited us to come visit some of their investigators with them on Friday. That was a neat experience.
-We've been gorging ourselves on German chocolate and gummies. Thanks mom! And thanks Caleb for delivering them. We're still jealous you got to go to Germany. One year...
-After growing his beard out for two weeks and rocking the crazy professor hairdo, Tyler finally got a haircut and a shave. Those clippers I bought have already paid  for themselves. Also, for future reference, #1 is a liiiittle too short. :)
-We are now on Season 3 of NCIS. We are so cool.
-Thursday at work I found out I have this whole week off! And for four days, I don't get paid! Not cool. I'll be taking this opportunity to fill out some job applications. However, I am looking forward to spending all day with Tyler tomorrow. Expect lots of posts from me, since I'll be dying of boredom.
-We had ants in our bed. Apparently they don't like it when you sleep with them. No more eating in bed. Dang.
-Gulliver's Travels was a disappointing movie. Good thing we only paid a dollar to watch it.
-I finished The Fellowship of the Ring. I can't put The Two Towers down. Who am I?
-We're really tired of the rain. We need tennis weather!!
-Tyler is sick today. :( Poor thing. So since breakfast, we've been drinking tea and laying in bed all day. I took a break from those exhausting activities.

Well that's pretty much all for now. We are so interesting, what did I tell you? 

Please enjoy this picture of Tyler's gangster face. This is from our trip to Jump Creek and a sad attempt to get the waterfall in the picture. Wishing the weather was more like this, sigh.

We hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend! 

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