Tuesday, April 4, 2017

16 Months!

Our little man is 16 months old today! I feel like he just had his birthday yesterday, and now another four months have passed. Why is it going so fast?! Everett is such a little character and it's been a while since I posted an update, so I thought I'd post a little here. 

^^He's way too cool!

^^Loves cruising in the stroller and riding on his trike at Nana's house.

^^Discovered pine cones! 

^^Bubble beard.

^^Fireman Everett.

Everett at 16 months:
-Says a few words like Mama, Dad, ball, Bo, bubbles, and bath. Also says 'what's this?' a lot, which sounds more like "was dis?!" It's the cutest thing ever. Especially when he gasps at somethings, points to it, and says "oooooh, was dis?!" with his little lisp. He talks a lot of gibberish and will randomly get really loud and yell. A lot of what he says sounds like he's maybe speaking French. He cracks us up!
-Walks everywhere and is getting pretty speedy.
-Does this funny downward dog thing all the time which sometimes turns into a bear crawl. 
-Loves going outside and gets super excited and heads for the door if I ask if he wants to go for a walk. 
-Knows and identifies his body parts. He plays with his ears all the time and often yanks on mine when he's nursing. He's always touching his hair when he's eating, which is fun to clean up.
-Loves songs with actions and does the actions to 'Itsy Bitsy Spider.' Occasionally claps his hands on time when we sing 'If You're Happy & You Know It.' Thinks 'Once there was a Snowman' is hilarious, too.
-Is a pretty good tantrum thrower, and often flings himself on the ground. So dramatic.
-Sleeps through the night a lot more often now. 
-Has a bunch of teeth- I think 9 now- including one molar. And 2 more are coming in.
-Loves Sesame Street and we maybe let him watch it too much. He actually does a pretty good impression of Cookie Monster.
-Loves music and dancing and clapping along. This past weekend as we watched General Conference, Everett clapped each time the Tabernacle Choir was done singing. :)
-Still likes books but is very picky about what we read. Especially at bedtime, if he doesn't want to read something, he'll shove the book out of the way.
-Eats most everything we do, but is getting pickier. He loves mashed potatoes and my homemade macaroni and cheese. Also wolfs down quesadillas, pb&j, and grilled cheese sandwiches regularly. Broccoli is still his favorite vegetable and he's recently discovered how delicious strawberries are.
-Makes car noises and sometimes makes them as he scoots food across his high chair's tray. He's a goofball.
-Is obsessed with airplanes and any time he hears one, he'll stop what he's doing, act all surprised and make airplane noises until we acknowledge that there is indeed an airplane somewhere. 
-Points out birds, basketball hoops, and of course airplanes when we're out on walks around the neighborhood.
-Knows some animal sounds and says "woof" when he hears Bo or another dog bark. Also does some pretty good monkey and gorilla noises.
-Gives the best snuggles and is always (almost always) in the sweetest mood when he wakes up.

We love this sweet, funny, and smart boy and he seriously is just the best little buddy. I can't believe how much he's changed over the last few months and how fast he is learning and picking up on things. He's so much fun and we love his little personality. We love being his parents and are so glad he's part of our family. He's the best part, really. We love you, Everett! 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Everett at the Zoo!

Over the weekend, Everett had his first trip to the zoo! We invited my mom to tag along and despite the cloudy weather, it was a perfect day to explore Zoo Boise. When we told Everett we were going to the zoo on Saturday morning, he seemed pretty excited. I'm 90% sure he had no idea what we were talking about though. Once we got to the zoo, I'm not sure what he thought of it all. Maybe he needed a nap, but he seemed less than impressed by all of the animals. He was just happy to get out of his stroller and walk around. And I don't know if it was the time of day, or what, but most of the large animals were asleep! Lazy bums. Ha! I'd probably do the same thing if I were stuck in a cage all day. Anyway, I actually remembered to bring the big camera, so here's an obnoxious amount of pictures of our little monkey and some zoo animals, too.

^^The Capuchin monkeys are my favorite. They're so cute, I just want to hold one! They really looked like they wanted outta there.

^^Just goes wherever he pleases now!

^^Trying to find the giraffes.

^^My favorite animal at the zoo! They move so gracefully and are just so pretty! I love when you're biking by on the greenbelt, and you can see their heads peaking out over their enclosure.

^^If you look just over my shoulder, you can see the GOOSE in there. You're not a giraffe, buddy. The geese basically own the place though, they go wherever they want.

And, for your viewing pleasure... sleepy animals:

^^Sleepy kitties. Everett has been roaring when we ask him what the lion says, and I was really looking forward to his reaction when he saw lions in real life. And then they were sleeping. HOW RUDE!

^^Mr Fox was asleep, too. Everett loves his fox, but wasn't so interested in this one.

^^And a sleepy snow leopard. Seriously though, did they all get tranquilized that morning, or what?

^^He was pretty good at steering this jeep. Watch out!

^^I don't know if you can see it very well, but there's a baby in that mama wallaby's pouch! So cute! There were quite a few of them and they are so quick!

^^I can't remember what these are called, but they look like overgrown guinea pigs to me. So ugly they're almost cute.

^^Walking with Nana. :)

My favorite animal exhibit, beside the giraffes, is probably the Zoo Farm they have. Only in Idaho do we have farm animals at the zoo- goats, sheep, and a llama, oh my! You can even pay 25 cents for some food and the animals will come right up to you and eat out of your hand. Everett was intrigued by the goats, but was hesitant to touch them. He just kept pointing at them and thought it was funny when I fed one.

^^So ugly. And I'm 99% sure those white spots are in fact bird poop.

^^"Yay, I'm a llama again!"

I'd say Everett's first trip to the zoo was a success. At least there weren't any tears. Next time we go, we'll probably wait for warmer weather when the sun is out and hopefully more animals will be awake! 

Everything is better with this boy! Adventure is out there! :)

Sunday, March 19, 2017

2017 So Far

Oh, hi! I haven't forgotten this little blog. Sometimes I just get a little overwhelmed going through all the pictures I take and trying to decide what to post here. And then by the time I finally upload them onto my computer from my phone, I'm like uhhh why am I even doing this? Ain't nobody got time for blogging anymore! Am I right?! But for the people who keep checking this old thing for updates, here you go! Here are a bunch of pictures from my phone from the last few months and a little of what we've been up to, month by month:


Can we all just agree that January is the worst month out of the whole year? I'm trying to think what we did all month, and I think we mostly stayed inside. It was so cold and snowy this year that we just avoided going outside at all costs pretty much. Once a week I'd leave to go to the grocery store, and that's about it. One day, when the sun was shining, I thought I'd try to take Bo and Everett around the neighborhood for a little walk, but we couldn't even cross the street with our jogger due to the amount of frozen slush everywhere. We made a loop around our block and quickly booked it back inside. We all kept getting sick in January, too. Everett was teething most of the time I think as well which is always fun. Tyler and I did watch a significant amount of Prison Break on Netflix, so there's that. Ha!


The snow eventually melted and we returned to our normal lives of only being part time hermits. :) We had lots of fun last month! Everett really started trying to walk and got his first haircut. Before we knew it he was walking all over the place. I celebrated Galentine's with my favorite ladies and Tyler surprised me on Valentine's Day by taking the day off. We even got to go on a date! As the weather improved we started going outside again. We love exploring with our cute toddler! And he's as handsome as ever with his haircut, even if I may have botched it a little bit.

^^It was my first time cutting hair with scissors (I've been buzzing Tyler's hair since he got home from his mission), and I was so nervous to cut this boy's hair. My hands were shaking when I started and it took me way too long, but he still looked cute by the time he was done. The poor kid was so tired, but stayed perfectly still while watching Sesame Street clips with Tyler.

^^A few days before his haircut and the morning after I cut it. So handsome! And that's definitely Nutella all over his face in the picture on the left. I'm a good mom and feed my child Nutella on whole grain toast. HAAAAAAAA.

^^Galentine's with ma ladies! We ate SO MUCH at Red Feather, but it was all so good. And soooo worth it. Still obsessed with those brussels sprouts we ate. Who would have thought a vegetable could be so tasty?

^^The week leading up to Valentine's I left those notes for Tyler around the house and in his lunchbox and other places for him to find. They are had really mushy stuff written on the inside. It was fun leaving them for him. Tyler brought home flowers, a card, and chocolate after he pretended like he was going to work on February 14th. I really was surprised! We ate that yummy chocolate Dutch baby for breakfast and pigged out the rest of the day, too. Tyler bought me those cute shoes as a gift (I picked them out). Later that evening we went out to see a movie while Everett played with his cousins. Such a fun day!

^^So happy to be able to go outside again! 


March is always a fun month for us. We get to celebrate Tyler's birthday AND our anniversary. Tyler turned 28 on the 2nd and our marriage turned 6 on the 11th. :) I can't believe we're that old and that we've been married for soooo long. Haha! It's gone by way too fast- especially the last year.  I was so close to having to do Jury Duty this month as well, but lucked out and never had to go to the courthouse. Whew! The weather has been on and off this month, but we've spent so much time outside and we are LOVING it! Everett is walking around everywhere and especially loves walking outside. You can just tell he's beaming with pride when he gets to get out and walk. The other night I took him out with Bo without the stroller and he wanted to walk right into the street and definitely didn't want to hold my hand. Most stressful walk of my life! Maybe he needs a leash, too. We're so excited spring seems to be here finally and can't wait for all the fun we're going to have in the coming months! This is seriously the funnest (is that a word?) stage with Everett and we are soaking it up.

^^We went to Fred Myer's on Tyler's birthday to get more stuff we needed for dinner that night and ended up leaving with this giant balloon. Everett gasped when I handed it to him in the store. I couldn't put it back after he had his death grip on it, that's for sure.

^^For Tyler's birthday, I cooked pretty much all day long. We ate yummy carnitas for dinner and had these delicious chocolate cherry cheesecakes for dessert. So much food! Thank goodness Caleb and Gregg and Jamie could come help us eat some of it!

^^My mom took us all out to Andrade's for dinner to celebrate Tyler's birthday. It was delicious. And I think the balloon she brought was definitely more for Everett. And how cute are these two together?! I die.


^^We loved exploring Esther Simplot Park with my sister, Emorie! I'm not sure what the fragrance of friendship smells like though. This sign is weird.

^^I loved Esther Simplot Park so much, we went there again for a family walk the morning of our anniversary. The weather was nice and Everett had fun walking around when we finally let him out of the stroller. And there's proof we haven't completely forgotten about Bo. We still like him. Most of the time. Later that day, Everett got to play with his Nana while Tyler and I saw Lion and ate Goodwood for dinner. That movie, you guys! I kept it together pretty well during the movie, but talking about it afterwards with Tyler made me cry. It's a good movie, but it will definitely rip your heart out. Mostly when it was over I just wanted to hug Everett and never let him out of my sight again! So we tried to enjoy our food without thinking about how depressed we were. Happy anniversary?

^^From a hike around Camels Back this past week. We went with Jamie and hiked for almost 3 miles. I can still carry this boy on my back, but oh man was I sore that night. Such a good leg workout, holy moly! Should probably do that more often, ha!

^^We LOVE being outside!

^^Two of my very good friends from high school were in town this week, and we had so much fun visiting with them! This is Everett with my friend Rachel's little Emma. They're just over a year apart. We love little friends and I love MY friends. I wish they all lived here so we could hang out allllllll the time. Please move here! Please?! Also, that little baby Sydney (not pictured) gave me some serious baby hunger. 

^^Friday night we went out to Dairy Queen with family to celebrate Maleah's birthday, and after this boy helped me finish my blizzard he thought he needed to explore the place. Luckily, his grandparents were willing to chase him around. They're more patient than I am, that's for sure!

2017, you've been pretty good to us so far. More sunshine, please!

Friday, January 20, 2017

Christmas Things

Happy New Year?! I'm obviously way behind on this blog. So I'm throwing everything from the holiday season into one giant post! Christmas! It was almost a month ago! What?! We had a ton of fun celebrating this year. Next year I'm sure Everett will be even more psyched, but this year he was pretty into it. Christmas with a toddler is a lot more magical than Christmas with a newborn. There, I said it. Toddler Everett can open presents and eat Christmas cookies! And he had a blast doing it. We filled up December with lots of fun activities, and I'm sure glad we did. It made Christmas last all month long! Here's how we celebrated...

^^We finally got around to going to Festival of Trees! Every year we talk about going, since it's put on by Saint Alphonsus (who Tyler works for), but this year we actually got our butts out of the house and went. My parents came along and we had fun weaving in and out of the Christmas trees and all the people. My favorite was definitely the Harry Potter themed trees. We watched some cool traditional Mexican dancing and enjoyed the elaborate train display they had that day as well. Everett was really into all the lights and the balloons. Plus, he loves any chance he gets to see Nana and Papa. He's pretty obsessed with my dad. :) The best moment was when Everett was interacting with this person in a giant teddy bear suit. He wasn't scared one bit and thought it was pretty hilarious. We wanted to visit Santa while we were there, but didn't want to wait in the long queue. 

^^My mom and dad met us at the mall later in December to see Santa! There was quite the line, but we enjoyed all the awkward family photos that were happening while we waited. Those poor children. Those pictures will probably end up on the internet one day. Ha! Everett was really excited about the big tree Santa was sitting in front of- it was made out of ornaments and lit up! Also, I couldn't believe how much those pictures cost, yikes! Good thing Everett has a Nana that likes to spoil him. Thanks, Mom!

^^So excited he can barely stand it.

^^This year for Advent, we celebrated each Sunday with our Hodgkin family members. Each week we went to a different house and ended up back at Heidi & Gregg's for the final advent. We ate yummy food, enjoyed lots of Christmas carols, and even watched the First Presidency Christmas Devotional together. I vote we all keep this up every year, if we can. It was so much fun being together each week, and made the Advent season even more special! :)

^^We continued our tradition of making and decorating sugar cookies. The recipe I use makes a ridiculous amount. I think we had like 6 dozen, not even exaggerating. Luckily my mom needed 2 dozen treats to take to work the next day. We all got to work decorating them. Everett even decorated one with the help of Nana and Papa. And then he got to taste it. I don't think he liked the frosting, but he was all about the cookie! Mostly he just wanted to play with the paper plates though. A couple days after my parents were over, Jamie brought her girls over to help decorate the rest. We couldn't have eaten the rest without them! I loved seeing the designs Emma and Maleah made. Maybe next year we'll try out gingerbread houses?

^^We waited until after Everett's birthday to put up our Christmas tree. This boy loved trying to pull the ornaments off the tree, but listened most of the time when I asked him to leave it alone. :) He also enjoyed messing with the presents under the tree, so now I definitely understand why my parents always waited to put ours out on Christmas Eve.

^^Hodgkin family Christmas Eve! Everett loves his cousins! This picture turned out way better than last year's, haha! Everett took a nap in the car right before we started our Christmas Eve program, so he was able to stay up for all the festivities and opening of presents. Dallin made the best video, and maybe one day we'll get a copy of it (hint, hint). It was hilarious and touching. Everyone got spoiled as usual and we left with way too much candy.

^^My mom bought Everett a "cookies for Santa" plate so we had to leave some out for him on Christmas Eve. Everett helped himself to some of the Pfeffernüsse. He was dressed as Santa, so we allowed it. :) He finally got to bed around 11:15. Don't worry though, he still woke up plenty early on Christmas morning.

^^We opened presents at our house Christmas morning before heading over to my parents' house for yummy brunch and more gifts. Everett got spoiled, but had more fun trying to play with wrapping paper and boxes. 

Everett ended up going to church on Christmas in his Santa pjs. He was dead tired from all the excitement and fell asleep in his carseat as we left my parents' house. We didn't bother changing him into church clothes and only got a few funny looks in sacrament meeting. It's always so special having church on the day we celebrate Christ's birth and I enjoyed the sacrament meeting we had. We spent the rest of the day at home in our jammies (as one should on Christmas) and took naps. My dad brought us yummy roast for dinner and we ate too much food before playing Guitar Hero (one of Tyler's gifts). 

^^I love this little family of mine and am so grateful for the holiday traditions we have. I'm excited to start more traditions as Everett gets older. Also extremely grateful for all the family we have close by and for the time we could spend with them over the holiday season!

We hope you enjoyed the holiday as much as we did and wish you all the best in 2017!