Friday, December 22, 2017

You've had a birthday, shout hooray!

We had about as much family as we could fit into our house join us to celebrate Everett's birthday. I made dinner for everyone, Everett unwrapped presents, and we dug into the cake my mom made for the party. I'd call it a birthday win!

We are all pretty obsessed with this boy, so it was fun to get together to celebrate our favorite two year old! Here are a few pictures (and some video) I took.

^^It gets good around the 1:30 mark when he puts the boots on. He was trying to bust out his signature Spider-Man moves.

^^My mom made this cake for our truck obsessed boy.

^^Love the paparazzi in the background.

^^He's got the candle blowing down!

^^Dig in! Funny thing is, he took like two bites and then said he was done. 
He was too excited to eat. 

Happy birthday, little mister! We love you so so SOOOOOOO much!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Everett Says

^^Can we just talk about how grown up he looks with his haircut for a second? There's only like a one day difference between these two pictures. I can't.

Everett will be two years old in just a few WEEKS!!! (WHAT??) We love this little mister so much and his personality is so much fun. He is smart, sweet, goofy, imaginative, stubborn, and a little bit crazy. He is such a talker and we love all the random and sometimes funny things he is saying lately. He's starting to talk in longer phrases and sentences and can communicate what he wants pretty well most of the time. I think he seriously just says whatever pops into his head at any given second and it's the sweetest and funniest thing. Here are a few of the funny and cute things he's said recently:

[Riding in the car and an airplane flies by]
Everett: Oh gosh! Another one! Airplane!

[Everett and I are playing in the playroom and Tyler walks in]
Everett: Daddy move out!!

[Sitting on our bed with Tyler]
Everett: Sometime Mommy go bye-bye.

[Pretty much every time we eat a meal]
Me: Everett, did you get enough to eat? Are you finished?
Everett: Are you done? Are you done? Are you done! 
(Which means "I am done." Gotta work on statements vs questions and those personal pronouns.)

[Playing with his rocket ship]
Everett: 1...2...3... SPACESHIP!!!

[One night when it was bedtime]
Me: Time to go get your jammies on and get ready for bed.
Everett: Go to Cafe Rio?

[This morning while we're walking downstairs]
Me: Everett, what do you want to eat for breakfast?
Everett: Cereal!
Me: How about we make pancakes?
Everett: How about cereal?

Halloween Night

Is it too late to post Halloween pictures? No? Okay, good. Everett is still talking about Halloween, so I might as well share these pictures. On Halloween night, after filling up on pizza, we went trick or treating in my parents' neighborhood. Everett happily carried around his Spider-Man bucket and said "get candy?" at each house (no "trick or treat"s from him). We made it around a couple of blocks before Everett decided he was done and laid down in the grass. With his bucket nearly half full of candy, I'd call it a trick or treating success!

^^Everett was into all the Halloween decorations. He thought those jack-o-lanterns (bottom left) were scary and wouldn't even walk up to that house. He had no problem with all the ghosts and skeletons though. 

Hope everyone had a happy and safe Halloween! 

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Boo at the Zoo

Boise's zoo puts on Boo at the Zoo every year for Halloween. This year we decided to brave the crowds and took Everett to the zoo for some trick-or-treating and animal watching. We met up with my parents and had a fun morning chasing our little lion cub around.

^^Watching the penguins with Daddy.

^^Lion cubs love shoulder rides.

^^Watching the giraffes.

^^This goat was going nuts rubbing his head on the fence.

^^Everett didn't want to help feed the farm animals this time. I don't blame him, those guys are pretty aggressive once you have their food in your hands.

^^We saw a few other kids dressed up as lions, but this was definitely the cutest little lion cub. And I forget which animal's ears those are supposed to be.

^^Glamour shots at the zoo! I couldn't resist those colors!

^^Don't be surprised if we send this out in a Christmas card. Not a joke.

I think Everett is at the perfect age to enjoy the zoo. The first time we went several months ago he mostly just liked walking around. But this time he was totally into all the animals. He's been talking about it ever since, too. He especially liked the giraffes, snakes, and watching the monkeys that were eating strawberries. We sure love our little monkey!

Linder Farms

Last Friday night, after stuffing ourselves with Mexican food, we headed to Linder Farms with my parents. While we were there, we rode the hayride and went through the corn maze before we were all too cold and couldn't stand it any longer. Everett thought the tractors were pretty cool, but wasn't as into the corn maze. The sun went down once we were in the maze, and I don't think Everett appreciated the fact that he couldn't see. He kept tripping over cornstalks and then started complaining about the cold. And I was a bad mom and forgot his coat and gloves (#momfail). We probably should have gone a little earlier in the evening, but we got the festive corn maze experience we wanted and crossed this one off the list for the year. Until next year!

^^This is about as much fun as you can have on a tractor pulled hayride, I think. Haha! That's what my face looks like 90% of the time, I'm pretty sure.

^^Future farmer. 

^^Corny selfie.