Monday, July 24, 2017

Spider-Man & Everett

Everett's Spider-Man obsession is still going strong. Last week I got a Marvel credit card offer in the mail (who knew there was such a thing) and Spider-Man was on the envelope. We convinced Everett it was for him. Everett is still trying to climb the walls and has even started saying "bad guys" which sounds more like "dad dies" (because, you know, Spider-Man is always protecting us from the bad guys).  What are we teaching him? Haha, yikes! There are worse things, right? That's what I'm telling myself anyway. 

This morning I might have bought a Spider-Man toy at Target to cheer this boy up (he's been under the weather since Sunday afternoon) and it totally worked. He was thrilled when I showed him the box in the store and told him we could take it home. He just kept saying "mask" (that's what he calls Spider-Man) and "home" the rest of the way through the store. He kills me! Seriously, how he doesn't have a room already filled with Spider-Man paraphernalia just shows home much self-restraint I have. But, you guys, it's so hard saying no to his face...

^^Fakest smile

^^That towel came from Nana (she has less self-restraint than me and is also a grandma so can spoil him all she wants). 

^^Tired Spider-Man. The towel had just come out of the dryer, so I think he was enjoying it's warmth more than anything. :)

Okay, fine, you can have all the Spider-Man things!!! 

Sandy Point

Over the weekend, we spent an evening at Sandy Point. My parents, as well as my brother and his wife (Aaron & Daisy), joined us up there. Tyler spotted a pair of tables in the shade close to the water and we ate a little picnic dinner before playing. The water was a little on the chilly side, so we didn't really swim, but we had fun splashing around. Everett dug up some rocks, which he collected in the frisbee my parents brought. Aaron & Daisy rented some paddle boards and let everyone else take turns paddling around on the water. When we got tired of being in the water, we played in the grass some more and ate cookies. Everett loved chasing the birds around (he thought the seagulls were ducks, haha!) and tried to play frisbee with Uncle Aaron and Papa. Everett probably would have spent the night up there if we'd let him, but it's not a campground and we all definitely needed a bath before bedtime that night. Here are a few pictures from our Saturday evening...

^^I'm jealous of my dad's hat. I need one so we can match. Everett needs one too, I think. Family hats- it's a thing, right?

^^Not in the mood for pictures, obviously. I don't think he liked the water very much- or the rocks he got in his shoes. The sand at Sandy Point isn't very sandy, it's more like gravel.

^^Aaron & Daisy were the only ones experienced at SUPing. I'm glad I got to try it! It was a blast! I felt like Pocahontas. :) That's me on the top left trying to avoid a goose. Ha!

^^Everett has the best frisbee instructors. Aaron is basically a professional. He could play frisbee for hours! 

^^He had just as much fun playing with a blade of grass. Haha! He just loves being outside.

I love summer evenings spent outside with family! They're hard to beat! 

If you take a toddler to a splash pad...

If you take a toddler to a splash pad, he's going to want to get wet. You'll remind him he needs a swim diaper before he gets wet, so you'll change his diaper really quick under a towel on a park bench. Once he has it on, he'll march straight into the water and start splashing. 

Once he's got his feet wet, he'll remember how fun the fountains are and he'll want to play in them.

And then he'll look at all the other kids playing and want to find a friend.

You'll remind him that his friend Charles is also coming to the splash pad and together you'll go and find him.

Once they're both wet and shivering from the cold water, they'll want to dry off. You'll take them away from the water to the picnic tables to dry them off. You'll remind them that you brought a lunch to eat as you take off their soggy swim suits. They'll want to eat lunch right away of course. While they eat, they'll watch the maintenance workers mow the grass. They'll also see boys playing basketball, which will make them want a ball of their own to play with. Luckily, your friend will have brought a ball to play with in the grass. 

When they're tired of playing with the ball in the grass, they'll remember there's a playground and want to go play on the slide. You'll take them to the playground where they'll see a splash pad. And if they see a splash pad, they'll want to get wet. And then you'll kindly tell them it's time to go home and take a nap. :)

Thanks for playing with us a the splash pad, Lizzie & Charles (and baby Rachel)! Let's do it again soon!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

This week (in pictures)

Hi!! We had a pretty good week over here. We kept ourselves busy and tried to stay out of the heat as much as possible. Here's what we were up to:

^^The Lego Americana Roadshow is currently installed at the Boise Towne Square Mall. We thought it'd be a good activity for FHE, so on Monday night we headed to the mall after having some Cafe Rio. Everett isn't too into Legos yet (hello, choking hazard), but he definitely liked wandering around the mall. My favorite one was definitely the Old North Church- the detail they're able to accomplish with legos is fascinating! What I found most interesting were the historical facts they had on display next to each lego monument. It was also interesting to see how many bricks and hours each one took to build and what the scale was to the original. It was a great activity to beat the heat outside, and we'd recommend it to any lego lovers out there! 

^^We had dinner at Aunt Jenica's house this week and Everett had fun trying on her hats. :) Jeni has the best backyard/deck and we always love hanging out with her!

^^Everett and I have this habit of going to get bagels at Blue Sky Bagels before we go grocery shopping. Toasted blueberry bagel with berry cream cheese for him, egg and bacon on asiago for me. I love little dates with this cute boy.

^^This was definitely the highlight of the week!! My little brother Aaron has been engaged to Daisy since January and surprised us all early in the week by telling us they were getting married on Friday afternoon at the courthouse. We were thrilled we could be there for their special day! The ceremony was short and sweet and despite the 100 degree weather outside, they still managed to look like models. We could not be happier for Aaron & Daisy. We think marriage is pretty awesome and who needs a long engagement anyway?! They are building a house together and besides that are going to school and have exciting jobs. So proud of my baby brother (who isn't even a baby anymore)!  Congratulations, you love birds. 

^^We finally pulled our bikes out of the garage and took a ride around the neighborhood yesterday. I don't know why we waited so long to do it! Everett seemed pretty content in the bike trailer, so we'll have to go again soon. Now that the Greenbelt is no longer flooded, I'm sure we have lots of bike rides in our future. 

Thanks for checking in! Hope everybody has a fun week!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Waffle Me Up

My friend Kylie was in town for a minute last weekend, and since we share a love for breakfast food, we decided to grab some waffles from Waffle Me Up on Saturday morning. I'd never been and was excited to see how they compared to my favorite Bobby Flay recipe I make at home. The were indeed delicious, albeit a little over priced for the amount of waffle they give you. I would have liked to see them fill the waffle maker all the way up for an $8 waffle, just sayin. But those special Belgian sugar crystals they use are probably expensive, at least I would think so, judging by the way the girl taking our order proudly showed them to us. I digress. I love breakfast dates! Since one of the reasons the internet was invented was to post pictures of our food, I'll just leave these pictures here:

^^Not mad about that bacon and egg situation happening on my waffle. I would like one right now, please.

^^The third wheel on our breakfast date. :)

^^Everett went straight for that whipped cream. He knows what's good!

I think I'll stick to my beloved buttery Bobby Flay waffles for now. And maybe start searching for those mysterious Belgian sugar crystals on the internet. At least I can do both of those things in my pajamas at home. 

Also, Kylie, please come to Boise more often! Everett needs another auntie, so you should probably just take up permanent residence here. Okay, thanks.